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Harveys Solera Sherry The Bristol Cream 750ml

No. 1 Sherry Brand Globally. Appearance is a deep golden colour. Full and fragrant on the nose, elegant and pungent. Palate is a full-bodied, rich, mellow, long lasting and velvety. 80% Palomino & 20% Pedro Ximénez grapes. Enjoy Harveys Bristol Cream over ice with a fresh lemon wedge. Enjoy chilled.

Ormond Rich Cream Sherry 750ml

A mellow rich and creamy sherry style wine with the luscious flavour of ripe muscat grapes serve as a tempting aperitif either at room temperature or lightly chilled.

Valdespino El Candado Pedro Ximénez Sherry 375ml

Intense mahogany in colour. Full of dried fruit flavours of raisins, figs, molasses, nuts, chocolate and very elegant sweet notes. On the palate it is complex, rich, velvety and very smooth with a long aftertaste.
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