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Awkward by Sawmill Alcoholic Ginger Beer Cans 6x330ml

Alcoholic Ginger beer brewed with real malt and real ginger. Crisp and refreshing with a spicy ginger hit and a hint of zesty orange.

Brookvale Union Alcoholic Ginger Beer 4% Cans 6x330ml

Spicy yet mild, dry but wet, smooth but sharp, tight but loose - just great tasting ginger beer!

Crimson Badger Brewing Ginger Bear 4% Cans 10x330ml

The original craft ginger beer with just enough ginger spice and the right amount of sweetness. Balanced and refreshing, this is New Zealand's famous Ginger Bear. Born and raised in Queenstown, independently owned. Vegan and Gluten intolerant friendly. Now in a handy 10 Pack carry case!

Mac's Ginger Giant Alcoholic Ginger Beer 5% Cans 6x330ml

Made with real ginger juice and NZ Vodka. An RTD (not Beer!) with a clean and refreshing flavour.

Monteith's New Zealand Classics Radler Bottles 12x330ml

An easy drinking beer with light hoppy notes and a hint of natural lemon juice, giving it a refreshing zesty citrus finish.

Speight's Summit Ultra Low Carb Lager Lime Bottles 12x330ml

Summit Ultra with Lime is a refreshing low-carb lager, with an added twist of lime. The brewing process is extended to create a beer with a crisp, drier finish and 75% less carbs than the average carb content of leading NZ beer. The perfect way to socialise after a hard days work or to celebrate a job well done.

Zeffer Hazy Alcoholic Ginger Beer 5% Cans 6x330ml

Zingy, zesty and full of refreshing ginger flavour. Zeffer's Hazy Alcoholic Ginger Beer has heaps of freshly brewed ginger nicely balanced by a hint of sweetness. They've left this one unfiltered to let the ginger shine through. Try it over ice with a wedge of lime for maximum refreshment.
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