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Scapegrace Dimension Limited Release VII Single Malt 700ml

Scapegrace Single Malt. Loam soil wheat distilled with mineral rich water pulled from beneath New Zealand's Southern Alps. A whisky defined by the character of the land itself.

Scapegrace Fortuna Limited Release VI Single Malt 700ml

Scapegrace Single Malt. A traditionally distilled whisky, matured by the felicitous seasons of a fortuitous terrain in a halcyon landscape.

Scapegrace Timbre Limited Release IV Single Malt 700ml

The fourth bottle in the series of 4 limited release bottles by the Scapegrace distillery. A limited run of 2,274 bottles this whisky is made from New Zealand Laureate grain and as aged in Bulgarian oak casks. Scapegraces Master Distiller, Anthony Lawry, describes the whisky as having flavours of baked apples and stewed plums. Vanilla sponge dessert. The whisky reaches back longer than the Scapegrace distillery itself as Doug and Anthony started making this whisky long before Scapegrace put its branding on the barrels.

Thomson Whisky Manuka Smoke Single Malt 700ml

Made from 100% New Zealand grown malted barley, smoked using native Manuka wood and distilled through Thomson's copper pot stills. Natural smoke, cinnamon, clove, Manuka oils.

Thomson Whisky Manuka Smoke Single Malt Full Noise Cask Strength 700ml

FULL NOISE - Limited Edition Cask Strength Manuka Smoke Single Malt. Thomson drinkers have been asking for a cask strength Manuka Smoke bottling for ages... and now it's here. Thomson have called it Full Noise, denoting the cask strength ABV (54.2%), and the deeper, more abundant smoke notes. They're going big with this limited edition, cask strength, single malt. Aged in American oak ex Bourbon cask, made with 100% NZ grown malt, Manuka smoked. A uniquely NZ dram.

Thomson Whisky South Island Peat 700ml

Made from 100% NZ grown malted barley, smoked using South Island Peat and distilled through Thomson's copper pot stills. Offers generous notes of Iodine, smoke, sweet vanillins.

Thomson Whisky Two Tone Blend 700ml

Two types of cask are used for the maturation of this blended whisky: European oak which formerly held New Zealand red wine, and American white oak used exclusively for whisky. Sea air, caramelised fruits, red berries, apricot, spice.
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